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    School will reopen on 7th June 2021 for LKG to 10 and grade 12th

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    Call Us - 04922210342 / 211213

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    Our school is four walls with tomorrow inside where children Think, Dream Believe and Achieve

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    Being the very best I can be, rests within me.

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Vice Chairman

To say the least, the last nearly eighteen months was a testing time for all of us. A new and dreadful disease had made life horrendous. Relationships that were taken for granted, to be normal became a thing of the past Meeting and interacting with parents, children, friends and anyone became a cause for concern instead of a source of joy. We were forced to invent and come to terms with new ways of life. The worst affected were probably the students who missed their communion with their teachers and friends, thus restricting the chance for overall development in holistic growth. The management had to take necessary steps to mitigate the difficulties and with the wholehearted cooperation of the teachers went in full swing with online classes for classes from LKG onwards. The positive response from the students and their parents were overwhelming and gave the management considerable comfort. Numerous unsolicited responses from the parents expressing their immense satisfaction proved that we were on the right track. Teamwork led to this and each and every member of the team from the Principal to the office assistant deserves special appreciation. We received and accepted with gratitude noble thoughts from all sides and were determined that we will not give up. We will try our best to fulfill the aspiration of the students and their parents. Want of efforts cannot and will not be there. The three words made immortal by Martin Luther King “ WE SHALL OVERCOME” is and will continue to be our inspiration. Working as a team, we the management, principal, teachers students and parents shall overcome this difficult time and are confident to face this pandemic and any other difficulties we might be forced to face in future. WE SHALL OVERCOME.


Shri Raghunandanan Parakkal


My dear Bhavanites, I have immense pleasure to share a few thoughts to all of you through our website. All of you will recall that we were forced to close our school in the second week of March 2020 on the declaration of Lock down by the Central and State Government Authorities to curb the spreading of the Covid 19 Pandemic. Further all the examinations including the board exam for 10th and 12th grades were called off. Well, I am reminded of the story of a Monk who went out of India, just a couple of weeks before the Pandemic hit the entire world. He had drawn an itinerary to address the management students of various Universities in USA for the next month and a half, but had to rush back to his hometown suspending all further programme.He along with his disciples thought out of the box and came out with the idea of having Virtual meetings instead of Physical one. Rest is history, our monk successfully completed his suspended itinerary from his hometown. He impressed on the students that success of any project is the conglomeration of activities at all the level of the institution. Well our think tanks lead by our Principal Subhadra also echoed in similar lines, changing the adversity into opportunity, and immediately struck a deal with the Google Meet. From last academic year onwards all the Classes from Kindergarten to 12th grade were conducted on virtual platforms through Google Meet Classrooms. The teachers were trained by experienced renowned persons and were equipped with new methods of teaching Apps and augmented reality. The Parents and Students were given proper briefing, weeklong time table were given as to how and when the classroom will be open. Parents were asked to remain as shadow teachers, especially for primary and KG students. Also conducted virtual competitions in all classes and every week interaction time was given to Students to free their ennui. The feedback we got from the Students and their Parents during the year were really encouraging. Well this in turn has given us the responsibility to raise the bar. Beginning of the year we had problems in the collection of fees. Well, it was surmounted by giving some relief during the last term of 2020-2021 academic year. Our institution has observed and obtained all government compliances to run the school. Our CBSE Affiliation is valid till the end of March 2025. I am also happy to inform that we have had ???? percentage pass in the 10th and 12th grade CBSE Examinations. Congratulations to all the Students for bringing name and fame to this wonderful Institution!! Well, I should mention here that our Institution was working like a well oiled machine with any hitch. All credit goes to the Principal, Teaching and Non Teaching Staff, the accommodative PTA, Obedient Students and the Central Office Staff. On behalf of the Management Committee I extend my sincere gratitude to all of them


Mrs. Subadra Muralidharan


This pandemic time can be considered as a positive disruptor in the education sector and this is the time for us to steer a new learning pathway. New teaching-learning methods need to be introduced and instilled to trigger important shifts in thinking and behaviour of all stake holders. Learning Pathways are the routes learners take to discover new ideas, pursue their interests, and develop their skills. These routes involve experiences in school, out of school, and online Pathways are important now because the Internet, and social networks, have unleashed a seemingly endless number of options for exploring and learning. But in that vastness lies the problem. It’s easy to get lost…….. Learning pathways help students to draw connections and adapt. Sound instructional design creates structure around the information that is whizzing by in all directions. The two new pedagogical structures that we are trying to adopt is active and adaptive learning Active learning engage students through hands on and collaborative methodology like storytelling, experiential learning, toy-based learning etc Adaptive learning is a technique for providing personalized learning. it aims to provide efficient, effective, and customized learning paths. By igniting 21 st century skills through active learning we earnestly try to catalyze rather than stifle a positive change

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Mandatory Public Disclosure

School Contact Information Bhavan's Vidya Mandir, Chithali, Palakkad. | Phone Number: 04922-211213, 210342 | Mobile Number: +91-7012-238-509 | Email-Address: bvmchithalipalakkad@gmail.com, bvm.chithali@rediffmail.com
Year of BVM Establishment 1999
Whether NOC received from the State Govt Yes
NOC No and NOC Issuing Date G.Edn - 18-07-2001
Whether the School is recognized? Yes
If yes, by which authority Central Board of Secondary Education
Status of affiliation Provisional
Affiliation No 930445
Extension of Affiliation 2025
Which Registration of Trust/Society valid -
Name and official address of the Manager Shri P Raghunandanan | Thanga Villa, Puthur Road, Pallakd - 678001
Area of the School campus in Acres 4.41
Built up area in Sq. mts -
Area of playground 1551 m2
Other facilities Indoor games, Dance Rooms, Music Rooms
Library facilities Size of the Library in Sq. ft = 40' x 20' | No. of Periodicals & Magazines = 13 | No. of Dailies = 6 | No. of Reference Books = 1524
Name of the Grievance/redressel Officer Subadra Muralidharan | Tel: 9746210812
Members of Sexual Harassment Committee Ms. Subadra Muralidharan | Ms. Usha Narayani | Ms. Shine TR | Ms. Seethalakshmy P.B. | Ms. Sheeba Shivakumar | Mr. Harish V S
Academic session period 1st June to 31st March
Vacation Period Summer Vacation: 1st April to 31st May
Admission Period 1st January to 1st June (Upto 15th June for class XI)
Section wise strength of students (2021-2022) K.G - 162 | Primary Section (1 to 5) - 721 | Higher School Section (6-10) - 756 | Senior Secondary Section (11 & 12) - 199
Total Students 1838
Details of salary Scale being paid by the School to teaching Staff Principal - 56,000 - 77,000 INR | V.P - 35,250 - 56,000 INR | PGT - 35,250 - 56,000 INR | TGT - 30,600 - 43,000 INR | PRT - 20,625 - 35,250 INR | PPRT - 13,325 - 30,600 INR | Librarian 15000 -38950 INR | Office Staff 15000 - 35250 INR
Name of the Bank through which salary is paid Indian Bank Thorapalayam , Palakkad
Through Single cheque transfer advice Yes
Particulars of Staff (to be updated from time to time) PRINCIPAL(1) | PGT (12) | TGT (27) | PRT (38) | PET (2) | LIB (2) | KGT (10) | ART (1)
Fee for the academic year 2021-22, TOTAL YEARLY FEES ( Tuition Fees +Lab Fees +Lib Fees + Exam Fees) LKG & UKG - 14,100 INR | I & II - 16,600 & 17850 INR | III & IV - 18,350 INR | V - 18,850 INR | VI to VII - 19,350 INR | Vlll - 22,850 INR | IX & X - 22,700 INR | XI & XII Sc bio - 31,900 Comp sc - 33,400 Commerce - 31,900 Humanities - 29,400
Office Hours 8:45 AM - 4:30 PM (Mon-Friday) Fee Remittance: online (bvmchithali.in)
PARENTAL INTERFACE Parents May meet the principal only by prior appointment | Parents are requested to be present along with their child for the open house days to interact with teachers. Children should come in proper uniform | School Hours: 8:40AM - 3:30PM | 1st and 3rd Saturday will be regular working day
Affidavit http://bvmchithali.com/affidavit2022/Affidavit.PDF